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Wood Elixir is powerful
"furniture medicine" ... professional strength, user friendly!

Remove paint splatters and restore the original beauty of this antique chair in just one step with Wood Elixir
Paint splatters are easily removed and the original beauty of this antique chair restored in just one step with Wood Elixir

"Simply wipe on, wait, and wipe off", is all that's required to clean, protect, and restore the beauty and value of your wood and antique furniture.

Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir is a powerful cleaner and protector, but also solves many more serious furniture finish problems without the need for refinishing!

On any type of finish.

Dr. Woodwell offers simple yet powerful solutions for cleaning and protecting wood furniture, including antiques, faux finishes, painted wood and combination materials (metal, wood, leather) - without hurting the finish!

Easy and inexpensive.

Quickly remove oily smudges, lipstick, candle wax, wax build-up, grease, gum, adhesives, pet "accidents", etc. You can also solve many "serious" furniture problems - smoke smell, heat blush, mold & mildew removal, paint splatters, white water marks, and dried-out finish - to name just a few - in one easy step!

Restore the original beauty of your antiques and wood furniture.

Even after investing in a professional refinishing job, the value of your antique furniture is often reduced since the original finish and patina is destroyed. Let Dr. Woodwell Solutions show you how to restore the original finish yourself - inexpensively - and in one easy step.

The Best Kept Secret of Furniture Refinishers and Antique Dealers

Wouldn't it be nice if there was one product that could solve a multitude of wood furniture problems? Better still, one solution to solve the problems that you don't know what they are or what caused them? Better, better still, this same solution would help prevent the problem from reoccuring? And wouldn't it be terrific if this solution would solve all these problems in ONE EASY STEP, often eliminating the expense and mess of refinishing?

Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir has been used by antique dealers to restore the original beauty of furniture for sale, without the expense of refinishing and the resulting loss of an antique's valuable patina. And now, this "best kept secret" is available to you to care for and restore your wood and antique furniture!

Remove white water marks and heat blush in just one step with Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir

White water mark? Simply apply Wood Elixir, wait, then wipe off and buff with a clean cloth! Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir restores the original finish in JUST 1 STEP!

The Easiest Way to Restore Your Antiques and Wood Furniture

Wood Elixir often eliminates the need for expensive refinishing!Wood Elixir restores and protects in just one step!

Restore the original beauty of antique and wood furniture with Wood Elixir

  • Cleans, restores, and protects wood finishes!
  • Results are often instant!
  • Wood Elixir solves many common furniture finish problems quickly and easily ... refinishing is no longer needed for most of the finish problems people have ... white water marks, heat blush, mould, mildew, adhesives, smoke smell, grease stains, candle wax, paint spills or splatters, pet urine, flaking/dehydrated finish, etc.
  • Wood Elixir will clean and restore a dull, dirty finish on your antique and fine wood furniture. Easily remove greasy finger prints and grime, magic marker, lipstick, wax polish build-up, cigarette burns and scorching, rust, lead pencil, ink, the list goes on! Wood Elixir removes both oil-based and water-based stains, while restoring and protecting the original finish.
  • Click here for more information on how Wood Elixir works

The problem with refinishing

With antique furniture especially, much of it's value is in the original finish and patina ... removing the finish is like trying to increase the value of a silver-plated tea service by removing the tarnished silver plating! Often, the value of antique furniture is actually REDUCED after refinishing ... Wood Elixir restores the ORIGINAL finish.
Even for modern furniture, refinishing is expensive, time consuming and messy. Wood Elixir often solves furniture finish problems for just pennies worth of product, with a simple wipe on, wait, and wipe off process.

Much more than just a powerful cleaner

While Wood Elixir is a powerful cleaner, it also penetrates the finish to help solve many serious furniture finish problems. Wood Elixir will even re-amalgamate and bond the dried, flaking finish found on some antique furniture. Dr. Woodwell Wood Elixir also cleans painted tin toys, decals and transfers, and combination items (i.e. wood, metal, leather). In fact, many "furniture cleaners" on the market today leave behind harmful build-up over time ... some even use silicone!

How does it work?

Simply "wipe on, wait a moment, then wipe off" is usually all that's needed! You can learn how Wood Elixir works, or view the Directions for Use to see how Wood Elixir can solve your partcular furniture or antique wood finish problem.
White hazing - Simply applying Wood Elixir removes the heat blush The original finish and beauty is restored with Wood Elixir!


Ever had a table damaged by a hot plate or pizza box? This beautiful burl walnut table is suffering from "heat blush", the white haze caused by heat and the resulting moisture being trapped in the finish (photo 1). By simply pouring on a small amount of Wood Elixir, waiting a few moments, then wiping off, you can see the heat blush being removed (photo 2). Just pennies worth of Wood Elixir removed the heat blush, restoring this antique treasure to it's original beauty (photo 3).

Order Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir

If your furniture has been damaged by smoke, use Wood Elixir to remove smoke smell, smoke film, scorch marks, even superficial cigarette burns from your antique and wood furniture.

"I used my first order and I love this stuff. It even restored my kitchen cabinet where it was burned in a grease fire. Goes a long way. Thanks."

Eileen, TX.

You don't have to be a professional refinisher to get professional results

Wood Elixir removes paint spray from the delicate - and valuable - decal on this antique incubator.

Wood Elixir removes spray paint from the decal on this antique incubator
Simply wipe on and wipe off!

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Wood Elixir is the best way for antique sewing machine collectors to clean and brighten their treasures! Treadle collectors have found that Wood Elixir cleans years of grime and removes mold and mildew, while protecting valuable decals and transfers!

In just a single treatment, Wood Elixir solved numerous problems on this antique gingerbread clock:

  • removal of paint smear (top left)
  • removal of mold & mildew (in carvings)
  • water damage was solved (lower right side)
  • dried-out finish is reamalgamated
  • alligator/crazed finish is smoothed
  • the overall dull, dirty finish is cleaned and strengthened!
Before using Wood Elixir, this clock suffered from mold & mildew, paint smears, water damage, dried-out finish, and appeared dull and dirty
In just a single treatment, Wood Elixir solved numerous problems on this antique clock including removal of mold & mildew, paint smears, water damage, and a dried-out finish

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In addition to restoring serious furniture finish problems, Wood Elixir is a powerful and convenient cleaner. Protect the original finish and valuable antique patina using Wood Elixir as an annual maintenance product.

Water damage on this dining table is quickly restored by brushing on Wood Elixir, waiting a few minutes, then buffing with a clean cloth.

Water damage on this dining table is quickly restored by brushing on Wood Elixir, waiting a few minutes, then buffing with a clean cloth
Water damage on this dining table is quickly restored by brushing on Wood Elixir, waiting a few minutes, then buffing with a clean cloth

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"I recently inherited several pieces of antique furniture. One piece in particular, a four post bed, was covered in mildew. Without giving further thought Lysol was applied. OOOPPPS! It is for mold and mildew but not mold and mildew on wood. Within seconds white stains appeared on the dark wood bed. I ran to the cleaning cabinet to see what I had to fix the problem. I tried 2 different brands of furniture polish, water and even a wood enhancer but my stains weren't going anywhere.

I was sooooo embarrassed that I tried to cover up the problem with a quilt but the stains were too large to hide! My stomach hurt and my heart ached.

Then, I figured what the heck; I'll try to find a solution on the Internet. I went to a search engine and typed in wood restoration. Dr. Woodwell's Elixir site was the most economical and had the easiest application. I have to admit, for such a low price, easy application and fear of an Internet scam, I was VERY skeptical. I bought the product a hoped that I hadn't been taken for a ride.

A week later the product arrived. I was so excited and yet pessimistic. I rushed to the room with my antique bed and opened the package, read the simple steps and began to apply the product. It only took a few seconds for the stain to start disappearing! Within 20 minutes I opened the package, followed the SIMPLE & EASY directions and cleaned everything up. WOW! I was so impressed!"

Robin, NC

Like Nothing Else ...

Wood Elixir works on combination materials, including wood, metal and leather all at once
Wood Elixir cleans and restores combination materials, such as the wood, metal and leather on this antique trunk, all at once

Wood Elixir is like nothing else on the market ... it truly is a "best kept secret"! If you're wondering how Wood Elixir works or compares to "competing products" including Restor-A-Finish and Orange Glo, click here. (Wood Elixir, Restor-A-Finish and Orange Glo are registered trademarks of their respective manufacturers.)

This product is formulated and bottled by hand in Canada, and is only distributed online and through a small number of retailers, furniture refinishers and antique dealers in Ontario.

We all have wood furniture, and you'll be amazed at the ways having a bottle of Wood Elixir in the house will help keep your wood furniture, antiques and collectibles looking beautiful! Order now and see for yourself ... satisfaction guaranteed!

Order Dr. Woodwell's Wood Elixir

"I noticed that the seat of one of the (bistro) chairs was badly scratched in several places ... being an awful perfectionist, I'd already sent back several chairs because of imperfections, and wasn't about to do it again. So I grabbed my (your!) Elixir. Voila! Perfection! And absolutely immediately; I'd merely sprayed the stuff on, and the scratches were gone - no touching of any kind necessary! I can't thank you enough."

Barbara B.

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